Programs in Uganda

Organ Music at Namirembe Cathedral

imageThe second organ recital on the tour was scheduled for July 2nd at Namirembe Cathedral, where I first began organ playing at age sixteen. Mr. Saul Bulega, secretary of… Read More »

Organ Music at Church of Christ The King

The first two recitals were given in Anglican churches; it had now seemed appropriate to perform a recital in a Catholic church. The performance, which was originally scheduled at Rubaga Cathedral, was moved to the… Read More »

The Bishop of Namirembe

Although Namirembe Cathedral’s music program has a great reputation both on the continent and abroad, many areas need improvement for the development and promotion of their music. On the afternoon of July 20th I met… Read More »

The Arch-bishop of Namungoona Orthodox Church

The meeting with the Arch-bishop of Namungoona Orthodox Church in Uganda was held on the morning of July 24th . During this meeting the Arch-Bishop expressed his interest in sending at least one music student… Read More »

Namirembe Cathedral

Namirembe is located on the hill of Namirembe, one of the seven hills of Kampala City. Namirembe in English means peace. Sunday, July16th was a day of homecoming because on this hill, I began my music… Read More »

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