Programs in Uganda

Gayaza High School

On July 10th, I visited Gayaza High School, located just outside the capital, Kampala. This all girls school has an excellent reputation in the country, both in academics and music. Twenty-five students attended the workshop,… Read More »

King’s College Budo

Budo is among the oldest, and famous high schools in Uganda. The school is located on Nagalabi hill, where the Buganda Kings’ coronation ceremonies take place.

On July 11th I visited a class of… Read More »

Namirembe Cathedral Organ and Piano students

imageOn the afternoon of July 16th, I conducted a workshop with organists and pianists at Namirembe Cathedral. This session began with organ music. I worked with organ students Paul… Read More »

Namirembe Cathedral Choir

On the evening of Friday July 21st, I continued the program at Namirembe Cathedral with a workshop with the Luganda choir. This session included singing of psalms, and hymns. Some concepts that I discussed with… Read More »

Masooli Church

Located a few miles outside Kampala City, Masooli Church has one of the oldest church choirs in Uganda. Mr. Andrew Lubega, a pharmacist by profession, has been the choir director at Masooli since 1964. To… Read More »

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