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Special thanks to the following people for making this project a success:

  • Dean Stephen Clapp for helping with the proposal.
  • Dr. Frank Mwine, Stephen Kaleebu , Jennifer Sebunya, John Babigumira, Maria Nsonzi, Mr. Katende and other Uganda Consult House staff for coordinating this program in East Africa.
  • Bishop Orris G. Walker, Diocese of Long Island, for assisting with air tickets.
  • United States Information Secretary Mr. Virgil Bodeen, for organizing radio and newspaper interviews in Uganda.
  • Career Development/Placement office, Derek Mithaug and Darrell Wilson for professional assistance.
  • Office of Educational Outreach Director, Dr. Sharyn Battersby for helping with the report, and as well as organizing and scheduling workshops with elementary schools in New York City.
  • International Student Office Director, Asenath Dande and Assistant Director Lily Lin for professional advisement.
  • English Lab staff, for writing assistance.
  • Dr. John Weaver, Dr. Gerre Hancock, Mrs. Ruth Scott, Mr. Kenneth Ryder, and fellow students for donating music books.
  • Dr. Shem and Japh Olende for organizing affordable accommodation at the Nairobi Club, Kenya.
  • Mr. William Kamanja for helping with video coverage at the Nairobi workshops.

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