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Bweranyanji Girl’s School

Bweranyanji girl’s school is located in the Bushenyi district, western Uganda. The school has an excellent academic and music reputation in the country. During my visit on July 3rd, the music teacher was away for a music conference in Europe, but the headmistress was present. She introduced me to a group of approximately forty-five high school students.

Unlike other workshops, this one consisted primarily of theory questions. We began by considering how to notate a melody played on the piano. Concepts discussed included identifying the range of the melody, writing both the soprano and bass lines, accidentals, and key and time signatures.

We also reviewed rules of harmony, 1st and 2nd inversion chords, primary chords, and voice leading. The melody harmonized was sung through in movable do. Intervals were also thoroughly revisited, and focus was put on identifying simple and compound intervals. Differences between major, minor, perfect, diminished and augmented intervals were demonstrated. Setting poetry to music was also discussed, and especially the idea of word painting.

The session was concluded with an anthem in English, performed by the school choir.

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