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Growing up in Uganda, I experienced the economic and political instabilities endured by many countries in Africa. Yet, most of these African countries have large quantities of wealth in terms of natural resources, in addition to incredible reservoirs of talent.

I am one of a few Africans from very poor backgrounds who got an opportunity to attend good schools. Using my education to give back to Africa through the promotion of its rich heritage is the best yet challenging way I can contribute to its development. I attended the Brevard Music Center in North Carolina for two summers. After these wonderful summer experiences, I gained aspirations of establishing a music school in Uganda that would also have a summer program. My goal is to create a major music and performing arts center that would offer programs in African music to Westerners, and Western music to Africans. The idea is to make it possible for students, teachers and other individuals from Western countries to attend this institute during the summer. They would study African music, instruments and dance, just as African students come to study Western music here. Western and African music studies would be offered year round to enable students to thoroughly master their programs of study.

My trip in the summer of 2000 enriched me with ideas and further inspired me to pursue the establishment of music school. Although most of the schools I visited lacked instruments, books and even basic items like manuscript paper and pencils, I saw the abundant talent that needs to be nurtured. This tour also made me realize how much work needs to be done to close the resource gap between Africa and the United States, and gave me a sharper focus towards my future commitment.

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