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Improvisation I Organ Students

imageThe next keyboard workshop was held in the afternoon of June 20th with organists. Using the organ at All Saint’s Cathedral, we worked on various methods of improvising by using the textbook “Improvising- How to Master the Art” by Dr. Gerre Hancock. We discussed areas such as how to improvise using a scale, the circle of fifths, borrowing material and using short motifs to build a large improvisational work. Mr. Atigala Luvai, one of the cathedral organists and piano teachers at Kenya Consevartory, was the main participant in this workshop. Others who participated in this workshop were piano and organ students from around Nairobi. After improvising, Mr. Luvai brilliantly performed Mendelssohn’s War March of Priest. As he played, we exchanged ideas on registration, pedaling and phrasing.

On June 21st , the organ workshop continued. I worked with other cathedral organists who could not attend the previous day’s workshop. J.S Bach’s music was the main topic of the day. Besides pedaling and registration, attention was also focused on playing Bach with a slightly detached touch. This would convey the character of the eighteenth- century style to the fullest. We concluded the workshop with improvising, and playing hymns using free harmonizations

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