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Kenton College (Elementary School)

imageOn June 22nd, I continued workshops with students at Kenton College, an international school with students from various parts of the world. The students who attend this school are between the ages of five and fourteen years. A group of about twenty-five young girls and boys admirably sang the song, All things bright and beautiful with piano accompaniment. With this beautifully constructed small-scale anthem, we focused on listening to each other, sitting upright, looking at the conductor and diction.

After lunch, I was asked to listen to Joel Muiruri, a thirteen year- old Kenyan pianist, who apparently teaches himself. This talented boy played the piano with confidence. He loves music with all his heart. I was told that in the school, he is the only one who is disciplined enough to practice at least two hours a day. I discussed with him observations of expression marks, bringing out the melodic lines and use of the sustaining pedal. This extraordinarily talented boy was able to grasp all these ideas immediately!

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