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Kenya Conservatoire of Music

Located a few meters away from the National Theater and the British Council, the Conservatoire adds a lot to the Kenya Cultural Center. This non-profit music school has a library, teaching studios and a small performing hall. I had a meeting with the director of the conservatory, Ms. Carol Nganga, on the early morning of June 20th.

The conservatory has nine faculty members who are mostly pianists. There are also two voice teachers, one string teacher and one guitar teacher. The students are between the ages of five and fifty-five, and they take music as an extra-curricular activity. Ms. Nganga mentioned that there are many gifted students at the school and that most of them play more than one instrument. Although each teacher has a studio with a piano, the conservatory still lacks a lot of facilities. The director mentioned that there is a lack of orchestral instruments to loan to the students. There is also a need for funding to sponsor gifted students who cannot afford to pay for lessons.

After discussing western music with Ms. Nganga, I was able to speak to a traditional instrumentalist who had performed around the world. This instrumentalist stressed the need to promote traditional music. This idea would not only benefit native musicians but then exotic African music would be preserved and shared with other countries.

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