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Makerere College School

Makerere College School, which is actually a high school, shares the same campus with the Makerere University. Hence, music performances are attended by both high school and university students. The strategic location and the availability of good teachers have made for a very active music program in both traditional and western music fields.

On June 28th, I conducted a workshop at Makerere College School. I began working with a pianist who was preparing for her music exams. She played Beethoven’s Fur Elise, Bach’s Air in D and Mozart’s Sonata in C K. 545. Using a fairly old piano, I explained how to recognize patterns, like scales in Mozart’s Sonata K.545. I also demonstrated fingering, bringing out the melodic lines, and methods of practicing.

After the piano lesson, the music teacher, Mr. Joan Susi Mpandi, conducted a group of ten singers who performed a choral piece they were preparing for a competition at the school. We discussed how to maintain interest in the composition through applying unmarked dynamics. Other concepts we dealt with included balancing of voices and the idea of applying a slight ritardando before approaching major cadences.

The school also had a brass band that is directed by Mr. Mpandi. The ensemble of five students performed one of the pieces they were working on. We discussed elements of phrasing and articulation.

Mr. Mpandi mentioned that among the hindrances they faced were lack of instruments and music books with which to upgrade their program.

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