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Music teachers from other schools in Kenya

On the evening of July 22nd , I met with three music teachers in the Saint Andrew Church Parish Hall. Mr. Njane Mugambi represented Kenyatta University, Mr. Francis Olude represented Kenton College and Ms. Grace Muriithi represented peripatetic music teachers. Apart from discussing methods of teaching, we talked about the difficulties of performing arts in Kenya. Music has remained to be for the rich kids because poor students in Kenya cannot afford to excel however talented they may be, said Mr. Francis Olude. Kenyatta University’s representative also added that there is a lack of instruments, books and support, which makes it difficult for poor students. The outcome of this meeting was the decision to create links with possible donors in order to sustain the arts in Kenya. I wrote down the addresses of these teachers in order to help send a few more books to them. Since most of the donated books remained at All Saint’s Cathedral and Kenya Conservatory, we agreed that a system of lending to private individuals should also be established at these places. This would enable students in Nairobi who are not affiliated with the conservatory or the church to borrow books.

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