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Organ Music at All Saints Cathedral

imageThe first organ recital was held on June 23rd at All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi. The works performed on the tour included: Now Thank We All Our God by Kerg-Elert; Toccata on Now Thank We All Our God, by Hovland; Passacaglia in c minor, by Bach; and Chant de Paix and Fete by Langlais.

At exactly 1:00 PM the organist of the Cathedral, Mr. John Dixon, introduced me to the audience and asked for a few words. I gave a brief description of each piece and discussed how composers use composition devices like scales and sequences to create a piece of music. The three manual organ, built by Walker in 1955, sounded spectacular and made the recital truly enjoyable to every listener. The audience included students, choir members, and the expatriate community in Kenya.

After the recital, Mr. Dixon was kind enough to give students a tour of the organ. Ten students in two groups were given a chance to climb up into the pipe section and observe how the instrument worked. Mr. Dixon, who is also responsible for maintaining the instrument, answered most of the questions asked by the students.

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