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Piano Students at Kenya Conservatoire

The first piano workshop was held in the morning of June 20th at Kenya Conservatoire with students of Mr. Atigala Luvai. Two students, who could read music, performed the pieces that they were working on. We exchanged ideas of bringing out the melody, pedaling, and observances of expression marks. One student, who did not read music extensively, improvised on the hymn tune Crown him with many crowns. We improvised on this tune and we used ideas from other composers.

A vocalist also attended this workshop. We discussed the idea of attaining an expressive cantabile without neglecting the rhythmic and harmonic awareness of the song.

After my organ recital on June 23rd, I continued teaching one more student on the piano while the others observed. In this mainly technical workshop, we discussed how to practice scales, octaves, and fingering.

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