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Talent Discovered

During this tour I met some talented musicians whom Juilliard might be interested in contacting. These students are trying desperately to get scholarships to study abroad in to order further their musical education. Some of these young people play in churches, restaurants, and teach in schools and homes in an effort to sustain themselves. It is evident that most of them come from very poor families. Before leaving Uganda to attend school in the United States, I used to share one instrument for practicing with some of these talented people. I know how difficult it is to receive a good education there. I am aware that Juilliard has many people who apply for admission and scholarships, but these students are worthy of consideration. It is my understanding that each of these individuals will have to prepare for an audition and meet all the school entrance requirements to be considered for admission. Below are the names of the individuals and their contact addresses:

Paul Lugya, Daniel Sseninde
John Ssekibaala, Paul Africa, Micheal Mubiru, Dan Sempereza, Samson Lugya
C/o Namirembe Cathedral Choir
P.O.Box 14297
Kampala, Uganda
Stephen Kaleebu
William Nyende
C/o Dr. Frank Mwine
P.o.Box 11156 Kampala, Uganda
Joel Muiruri
C/o Kenton College
P.O.Box 30017
Nairobi, Kenya
Micheal Mukasa C/o Church of Christ the King
P.O. Box 2551 Kampala, Uganda
Atigala Luvai C/o Kenya Conservatory of Music
P.O. Box 41343

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