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The Arch-bishop of Namungoona Orthodox Church

The meeting with the Arch-bishop of Namungoona Orthodox Church in Uganda was held on the morning of July 24th . During this meeting the Arch-Bishop expressed his interest in sending at least one music student abroad for studies on recommendation of the music director.

After studies, he/she would be expected return to teach and help improve the music program at Namugoona. The bishop proposed that I meet with Engineer J.B. Walugembe, the music director, for more discussion about the prospects of improving the music program. Mr. Walugembe, a pianist himself, has piano students ranging from grades one through eight.

I donated a series of elementary harmony and arranging workbooks. However, Namuungoona, Orthodox Church still needs a lot more. Among the books requested were beginning piano books such as Usborne series, Bartok’s Mikrokosmos, Debussy and other modern composers for the piano.

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