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The Bishop of Namirembe

Although Namirembe Cathedral’s music program has a great reputation both on the continent and abroad, many areas need improvement for the development and promotion of their music. On the afternoon of July 20th I met with the Rt. Rev. Samuel B. Ssekkade, Bishop of Namirembe diocese, with whom I discussed the following issues:

Improvement of the organ in the Cathedral

The organ is under renovation which will cost 50 million Uganda Shillings (approx $30,000). However, even when finished, it still will not be up to cathedral standards. To attract international performers and promote organ music, the cathedral needs an instrument of three manuals with at least sixty ranks, and both general and local pistons.

Tour of the Cathedral Choir to U.S.A.

The cathedral choir has visited major cities around East Africa and now should set up a major tour to America. Through this tour, I believe the choir will get exposure and funds to promote the music program at the cathedral.

Establishment of the Cathedral Website

Development in the 21st century is fast and for this reason, the need for a website at Namirembe is crucial. If implemented, this site will be mutually beneficial for both the cathedral and visitors from abroad because it will ease communication. Tourists who visit major tourist centers in Uganda on the internet, will have easy access to the information about the cathedral and its music program.

The bishop expressed his interest in these ideas, and suggested that I write a proposal, which he would send to historical preservation foundations that assist cathedrals.

I also discussed the progress of music at Namirembe and Uganda in general, with professor George Kakoma, composer of the Uganda National Anthem and Dr. Frank Mwine, the coordinator of my trip to East Africa. Both of these gentlemen agreed to follow upon my ideas.

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